About Us

About Us

Intelimed is devoted to improved healthcare experiences and adding discernible stakeholder value within its supply chain. In our pursuit of a competitive edge in our warehousing and distribution division, we relentlessly scan the marketplace for competitively priced and innovative quality products. We also administer infusion in-home therapies integrating some of these most advance technologies and provide mobile radiology services with industry-standard instruments.

We are a HIPPA-compliant Medicare and Medicaid-certified company that observes high privacy and ethical standards, as well as regulatory guidelines. Intelimed is driven to promote consistent patient engagement, positive outcomes, and healthcare equality in a manner that achieves an optimal balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

History & Drive

Intelimed was founded against the historical backdrop of several years of providing health-related services to individuals across the full variant of socio-economic categories, with a deliberate mission of meeting the needs of  all people in fostering equal access to healthcare.

Having emerged as an integrated organization, we have refined and added to our specialty of healthcare services to now incorporate the offering of warehousing and distribution of healthcare and life sciences products, instruments, and equipment. We are driven by a desire to enhance lives, optimize effectiveness and efficiencies, and reduce healthcare disparities.

Workforce Diversity

At all levels of our organization, we are committed to enriching the workplace through the pursuit of diversity in building a most skilled team of contributing professionals.

We subscribe to the view that the organization is strengthened by an engaged workforce that broadly resembles the communities we serve and for whom engagement within the context of cultural sensitivities is virtually second nature.

Proximity to Key Markets

A priority is to maintain a base of operations reasonably close to the communities of patients most in need of our services and products to encourage consistent utilization and patient follow-throughs which enhance positive outcomes.


Certified and Accredited

Intelimed is a certified provider of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and accredited by both Accredited Commission of Health Care and Board of Certification/Accreditation.