Business Segments


Our business lines of Warehousing and Distribution of Life Sciences and Medical Instruments & Products, Home Infusion Therapy, and Mobile Radiology & Imaging are distinct but strategically interconnected to maximize value.

Life Sciences/Medical Instruments & products WAREHOUSING AND DISTRIBUTION

This division is focused on the distribution of leading and emerging brands of instruments, equipment, and supplies as a vendor to research facilities, managed care organizations, third-party insurance payors, and the broad category of institutional providers and hospital systems.

A key component of this category is Intelimed’s engagement of its logistics infrastructure to deliver all products to individual end-users to support at-home management of complications resulting from the complete range of chronic illnesses.

Home Infusion Therapy

We are committed to continuing the rapid adoption of advanced healthcare technologies in deploying Intelimed’s home infusion therapy. Infusion services include administering drugs, biologicals, and nutrition treatments at the patient’s location by our staff of skilled clinical specialists. We take a strategically expansionist approach to meeting the increasing need for long-term therapy for patients with a variety of conditions.

Continued expansion of our home infusion services is intended to meet the shifting treatment preference from acute care facilities to in-home settings with the benefits of convenience, reduction of risks of secondary infections, and cost-savings.

Mobile Radiology & Imaging

Intelimed’s mobile radiology and imaging technology division provides crucial diagnostic screening to patients that are generally mobility-challenged. This unit involves the mobility of our state-of-the-art imaging instruments, mammography systems, or ultrasound technology via Intelimed’s specially equipped and outfitted vehicles, to the patient’s location.

Further, we employ medical expertise to interpret and provide valuable consultations and input to referring physicians.